Apathy & Security

Smooth and flowing life should be,

Or simply mine I’ve come to see.

For others have less precedence,

In forming what I seek.

Am I so rigid not to find,

Amongst the anarchy peace of mind?

Or am I so filled with apathy,

That on principles I will not lean?

What line exists between the two,

That affirms them both and makes them true?

Should one seek first the life of ease,

Or build a life on securities?

Both sides the other compliments,

For values do bring confidence,

And such security brings ease from peace,

Are we then to seek stability?

In rigidity all you’ll see,

Is a “Wisdom of Man” dependency.

Such incompleteness brings loss not life,

Unless humor exists to deter the mind.

My charge is this: do not pursue,

Anything but what’s between the two.

You see one boxes life and the other jests of it,

But both hold life with wonderment.

So understand and enjoy what comes,

Write reports and sing the psalms.

But first and foremost with earnest seek,

To appreciate life’s intricacies.

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