About Landon


IMG_6661My passion is to bring truth to every character, every plot, and every emotion in all that I create. My greatest goal is to express honest and vulnerable characters that inspire others to seek truth and pursue self-awareness.

In my first book “Pursuing Wisdom: Unmasking Theology“, I analyze the differences between Secular and Christian motivations for behavior. It encourages introspection and promotes a genuine and unmasked foundation in the Christian faith.

My second book, “The Vapors: A Short Story Thriller & Selected Poetry.” is a brief compilation of poetry and an exciting allegorical short story of a man in a desperate situation with few options for survival. The poetry, specifically, is a collection of introspective thoughts on life and relatable encouragement.

My latest project is a full length Adult Christian Supernatural Thriller. It is a suspense-filled novel about a man whose faith is truly put to the test when he comes to possess a family trinket that grants him whatever his heart desires. 

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