Pursuing Wisdom

Has wisdom been lost to this world? Join author Landon Metts in his theological study, Pursuing Wisdom: Unmasking Theology, and discover the basic answers to why we do what we do. This theological study provides the basics for pursuing wisdom and thereby gaining a concrete stance on: the nature of man, the passion of discovery, the gift of inspiration, and the sustenance of worship. By utilizing definitions combined with the inerrant message of the Bible, Metts has provided a basic study that will appeal to everyone. Whether you are a novice to theology or a scholar, this book will facilitate your development. You will walk away with a sense of purpose and direction. An enriching sense of depth and understanding can only be found through Pursuing Wisdom.

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From the author:

IMG_7206Many voices are starting to speak up about the ever-rising danger of Christian Moralism/Behaviorism in the fellowship of believers today. It would seem that the common modes of response to insecurities in our Christian culture today are polarized between a Gentile version of socially compromising Sadducees and legalistic Pharisees. In an effort to provide a resource so that we can derive the root of our motivations and ensure that we are grounding our efforts genuinely in Jesus Christ rather than behavioral habit, I wrote my book “Pursuing Wisdom: Unmasking Theology.” 

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