Peace in the Storm

Such Intensity. Can I pass through?

Will I regress to my former view?

Can I stand up and be a man?

Will I purge forth and make my stand?

I wish to rise, embrace my views,

But temptations come and make askew,

All self- esteem. Then I become,

The child again, the broken one.

He promised me, from the tree,

If I have faith, He’ll calm the sea.

Yet faith in Him lies first with me,

To stand for Him and make my plea.

To stand for God and then get peace,

I must have strength that will not cease.

Such is found, in principles,

Values, virtues; all are told,

Within the Word of Life I see,

The standards for dependency.

So while my heart is weak to gain,

Peace in the clash and in the rain,

I’m given hope in God’s great grace,

To have a guide and complete this race.

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