The Meaning of Christmas

A cup of Hot Chocolate,
With a rich, yummy scent,
Cookies in the oven,
Anticipation of the event.
“Baby, It’s Cold Outside,”
Has just come on cue,
The Elf on the Shelf,
Watches all in his view.
DSC04184The lights twinkle faithfully,
Upon the great tree,
With ornaments representing,
Fond and precious memories.
The stockings dangle,
Waiting to be filled,
The spirit of Christmas,
Continues to build.
And across the room,
Upon a velvet-dressed table,11277255464_32db648228_z
Is a manger depicting,
A worn, crowded stable.
And within, all the pieces,
Pale at the sight,
Of the baby, Immanuel,
Our Lord Jesus Christ.
There are so many joys,
Christmas can bring,
But at the heart must remain,
Thankful praise to our King.
For with Him, the season,
Ends not in the Spring
The joy of His birth,
Lasts for all eternity.

3 thoughts on “The Meaning of Christmas

  1. Great post Landon. May you and your family have a wonderful Christmas. Pray you will achieve all that God has for you in 2014. Blessings, Ron

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