My Focus

My focus…. my focus is abstract.

I am like a bird underwater.

I flap my wings, trying for heaven,

Yet I am restricted.

The only reason I am in this sea,

Of sin and society,

Is because I flew down into it.

This water is cold.

I have been down here so long….,

I almost forgot,

What the freedom of air felt like.

Now that I remember,

I cannot flap hard enough,

To get back up.

This cold water stings,

More when I remember,

The warm air I once flew through.

I am not drowning.

The air that once filled my lungs,

Has not and will not be exhaled,

Until I can once agian,

Breath in its pureness.

How can I reach the surface?

I feel suspened,

By my flaps in this deep void!

Must I stop flapping to float up?

But this temperature,

And this darkness,

Almost attacks my wings,

Into violent submission.

Only the Sun gives me hope.

I can barely see Him in this darkness.

Only the Sun can make me float up.

I must keep my eyes,

On this faint glimmer above me.

I must trust that I will rise.

Even now I can feel my ascent.

My focus…. my focus is clear.

Emotional Ambiguity

In one moment we remain,

As sober as the next.

So capable to refrain,

From emotional unrest.

Yet at other times, be sure,

In a chaos of the heart,

No stabilizing cure,

By which the anarchy departs.

Is it circumstantial,

The cause of our dismay?

Or is it some level,

Of maturity we display?

We need look to the Designer,

The Author of our being.

Finding comfort in His demeanor,

In that He is all-seeing.

Think not on the appropriateness,

For the state of your soul.

Rather, rest in His attentiveness,

To make your brokenheart, whole.

Lost Friend

Oh willful boy, you stand so tall;

On stilts of pride an impenetrable wall.

What can I do to stay this game?

The bitterness you allow ‘tis such a shame.

But what of me your friend and foe?

I never leave, I contradict your woe.

I challenge you to start anew,

Let go this hate, seek a peaceful view.

What is it you need? What will satisfy?

Is it companionship or ambitions drive?

I won’t give up. I won’t let go.

I will labor until I’m sure you know,

A peace eternal that surpasses pride,

And uses ambition for its own device.

He hears you, know you, hates you pain;

Loves you, wants you, looks to your gain.

But none will come of it until you let go,

Of self-serving ambition and bitterness woe.

On that fine day there I will be,

Declaring with open arms,

“My brother, you are free!”

An Uttered Compliment

I have mere words to reflect my cause,

That won’t do justice on endearing pause.

But given the language and circumstance,

Putting pen to page I’ll take a chance.

With integrity at the forefront of all great things,

And compassion, its backup and the wind for its wings,

With a God and a Savoir guiding our way,

Through the storms and the hardships we face everyday,

It’s an honor to serve and walk with you,

A light in the darkness a gem in plain view.

I will never forget the kindness you give,

In its unwavering nature, as long as I live.

The Declaration of a Withered Man

Look at me I do decay.

I’m withered and worn in every way.

But a change occurs within my heart,

And this, my son, is how it starts:

With dreams of passion growing deep,

My swelling heart won’t miss a beat,

Embracing dreams, ambitions drive;

The stigma of my heart’s own cry.

I am but simply what you see,

Until I rise passionately.

Then I become a man of dreams,

Overflowing with vitality.

Now learn this my son, my legacy;

Though I do look worn and elderly,

I am fueled and driven still,

By persistence and a passionate will.

So as you age just as I,

Look with hope, do not deny;

The ability within your heart,

To live a life of passionate art.

Not Abandoned

I’ve wondered down this path of life,

Ever searching for a dream,

Unaware of all the fantasies,

I’ve searched for desperately.

Don’t know how long I’ve tried,

To seek the thoughts unknown.

My brow is dampened by my strain,

I’m cold and I feel alone.

Who would have thought life to be this way?

There’s something missing I begin to sway,

I need find focus, today’s the day,

I see God is in control.


Lines binding reality,

Demand constant conformity.

Perception demands our nurturing,

For the reality we create.

But what if for one moment,

The walls began to shake,

Without any destruction,

But to constantly vibrate.

Would this enigma cause chaos,

And cause insanity to the mind?

Or would the world become philosophical,

And accept it over time?

Don’t be so quick to assume,

Your world will stay the same.

Of matter we don’t comprise,

This perception is just a frame.


When time runs out,

What will I see?

A quilt of memories,

Patched intrinsically?

Or like a breeze in the forest,

Fast fading in my gaze,

With only scrapbooks and legends,

To lessen my daze.

But for now I will focus,

Like and oak in its youth,

To make firm foundations,

By strengthening my roots.

For my hope must remain,

That my memories will be,

Ever present and alive,

In the roots of this tree.

Human Reasoning

Frustrations, how interesting.

One day so prominent,

The next one non-existing.

What sayest thou,

Interpreter of this and that?

Do you think it’s part of the scheme,

You’re always talking about?

I don’t know, good sir,

I think you never knew,

Why these tides,

Do turn waves ablue.

Yes, my friend,

I speak from heart.

Such is the silliness of life,

Where reason plays no part.

One thing is certain,

Though emotions run high,

When Love is a constant,

We discover a new “Why”.

Reconciled to Love

What to see? Two of me, in an image of irony.

Could it be? Is it she, in shadows of destiny?

But tomorrow there’s no sorrow, Only hope even narrow;

That beside me, still alive in me, is the peace of regularity.

No more games, only truth whether bitter or sweet coming.

‘Tis worth it facing truth than worries even stunning.

But no rush and no fuss. For what will be may come fast.

But hush and do not brush off the wonders that may pass.

So sleep well understanding Learn to live and not let pass,

The could bes, would bes, maybes that may brighten or shatter glass.

For that is just how precious life and love can be,

Such strength within its beauty yet in fear full of frailty.