Lost Friend

Oh willful boy, you stand so tall;

On stilts of pride an impenetrable wall.

What can I do to stay this game?

The bitterness you allow ‘tis such a shame.

But what of me your friend and foe?

I never leave, I contradict your woe.

I challenge you to start anew,

Let go this hate, seek a peaceful view.

What is it you need? What will satisfy?

Is it companionship or ambitions drive?

I won’t give up. I won’t let go.

I will labor until I’m sure you know,

A peace eternal that surpasses pride,

And uses ambition for its own device.

He hears you, know you, hates you pain;

Loves you, wants you, looks to your gain.

But none will come of it until you let go,

Of self-serving ambition and bitterness woe.

On that fine day there I will be,

Declaring with open arms,

“My brother, you are free!”

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