Someday I will find my way.

Someday I will smile and say,

“I’m here. I’ve arrived at this place meant for me”,

And I’ll pinch myself thinking this must be a dream.

Someday I’ll wake owning my reality.

Someday I’ll take each breath in with serenity.

The light will be brighter, the sun my close friend,

And darkness my blanket hopeful rain will set in.

Someday I’ll feel safe with the Lord at my side.

Someday I’ll have purpose to which I abide.

I’ll never feel lonely or lost in confusion,

I’ll not question my character as a social intrusion.

Someday I’ll be free with no bondage in sight.

Someday I’ll be secure in my pursuit and my plight.

It’s that day which I hope for and in faith I believe,

Is a gift from my Savior I look forward to receive.

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