Pursuing Wisdom (Poem)

It is clear to me upon my thought,

An element which I have sought,

I can only relate it with poetry,

The language of dreamers, eloquently.

For those of you who, as I, have sought,

The peace of mind with purpose-filled thought,

And for those of you who have been entangled,

In contradiction with action/emotion strangled,

With determination set to accomplish,

But action fruitless and hope undistinguished,

I ask: Do you run the race just as I,

With a wish and a mission reaching up to the sky?

Do you sense your potential could power the earth,

But the fruit of your efforts diminish your worth?

Then let me relate this lesson to you,

So we both may be strengthened with purpose renewed.

In pursuit of wisdom you must, with constants, stay strong

And seek out igniters that will help you belong,

To the fellowship of dreamers, the council of discovery.

And your Lord, your love, your life will be,

That which you hope for, that which you pursue.

Let all others, unhealthy, with conviction be through.

Do you see it is simple? Ignite perspective.

With principles in place you’ll become reflective,

On direction, guidance, peace, and purpose,

Because a life without these is utterly worthless.

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